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AMLO’s refinery plan: Yes or no?

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) said that his refinery plan in Tabasco is “going well,” but industry experts explain why investing in E&P might be a better choice for Mexico.


Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

“The new refinery is not a priority”: Ortega

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) continues to insist on building a new refinery in Dos Bocas. Ricardo Ortega Lopez, Director of Oil and Gas Alliance, spoke of local companies’ lack of interest in this project.


Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Huexca’s thermoelectric plant uses American natural gas

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said he bets on Mexico’s energy security, but the raw materials of the country’s energy projects continue to be imported.


Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

This is what infrastructure projects in 2019 will look like

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) expects to build 68 new storage terminals in Mexico during his government. How much will they cost? The development of these and more stories in our periodic Infrastructure summary.

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Repsol projects in Mexico

Repsol (MSE: REP) announced new infrastructure projects to develop in Mexico. The company expects to increase the total storage and distribution capacity for hydrocarbons in the country.


Monday, February 18th, 2019

Mexico buys tanker trucks to face fuel supply issues

AMLO’s government announced the purchase of 671 new tanker trucks that represent an important investment for the country. The development of these and more stories in our periodic Infrastructure summary.


Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Fuel logistic center canceled

A few days ago, the government announced the creation of a new Logistics Center for Distribution and Transportation of refined-products. Rocio Nahle, Secretary of Energy (Sener), spoke about the future of this project.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

Pemex to the rescue

The NOC announced that it will allocate important resources for the rehabilitation process of its main refineries. The development of these and more stories in our periodic Infrastructure summary.

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Not enough infrastructure

José Enrique Alba, president of Mexico’s Energy Association and representative of Iberdrola in the country, warned about lack of infrastructure for the natural gas sector.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

New fuel logistic center

The strategy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to fight fuel theft generated great logistical challenges for Pemex. The government made decisions to help the NOC to deal with this situation.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019